1 Man Dead, 2 Injured After Woman Fired in Houston

On Wednesday night, a tragic incident occurred in Texas where three individuals were shot, leaving one person dead and two others wounded, as reported by the Houston police. The shooting incident escalated from a physical altercation involving three men, including two brothers, on Main Street around 7 p.m. During the altercation, a female suspect got involved and fired shots at the group from a truck.

One of the male victims who was shot managed to escape with the female suspect in the truck, while the surviving brother, also injured, drove his deceased brother to a nearby hospital in a private vehicle. Tragically, the brother brought to the hospital was pronounced dead upon arrival, according to Houston Police Department Assistant Chief Megan Howard’s statement.

Upon investigation, multiple guns were found at the scene, but it remains unclear whether only the female suspect fired the shots or if the men also discharged their firearms. The male and female suspects in the truck were later apprehended by the police at the hospital. Interestingly, it was revealed that they were not residents of Houston, as Assistant Chief Megan Howard mentioned.

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