Boosting Your UTV’s Safety and Comfort with Help from Thumper Fab

UTVs are perfect vehicles for off-roading; after all, they’re built to handle different types of terrain and haul heavy loads. Whether you’re using yours as a workhorse or a recreational machine, you want it to be as safe and comfortable as possible. While UTVs are designed with safety in mind and equipped with certain features to make them more comfortable for occupants, there’s always room for improvement. Certain modifications and upgrades can help take your UTV up a few notches. 

Aftermarket Doors

Doors play a major role in a UTV’s safety and comfort levels. Replacing factory versions with thumper fab doors can make a significant difference. Adding aftermarket half doors to your vehicle can help to keep out low-lying limbs and flying debris. They can also give your UTV extra reinforcement against impacts and rollovers.

Those factors can make your vehicle safer, but where does comfort come into play? In truth, supplementing half doors with upper doors allows you to ward off mud, extreme cold, heat, rain, snow, and wind. That aids in keeping the interior of the vehicle more comfortable no matter what’s happening outside. Of course, you can always remove those soft upper doors to let in sunshine and fresh air, so you’ll get more freedom and versatility out of this modification as well. 

New Seats

Some people modify their UTV’s seats for added comfort. That can certainly make a difference. Ergonomic seats with extra padding can make the ride far more tolerable, especially when traveling on particularly rough ground. Shock-absorbing materials can lessen the toll bumps and bounces take on riders’ backs and hips. Polyurethane, memory foam, and gel seat cushions are highly recommended, but the best materials for shock absorption are often a matter of personal preference. Whether you replace the existing seats with upgraded ones or simply place seat cushions on the existing ones, they’ll offer at least some relief.

Seat Belts

Most side-by-sides have built-in seat belts. Of course, if your UTV isn’t already equipped with them, installing them for the sake of extra safety would be a good idea. Many people opt not to wear seat belts in UTVs, but that’s not necessarily a good idea. They may make the ride a little less comfortable and lock at inopportune times, but they can inarguably provide more safety. If you install seat belts, though, be sure it’s done correctly. Otherwise, they may not work the way they’re supposed to.

Aftermarket Suspension

Installing suspension upgrades or fine-tuning the suspension your UTV already has in place can give you added safety and comfort as well. Making the right modifications can give you even more shock-absorbing power than seat alterations. You and your passengers are sure to appreciate a softer, smoother ride. These changes can also improve the vehicle’s handling and responsiveness while making it less likely to roll over.

Adding Comfort and Safety to Your Ride

Making a UTV more comfortable isn’t at the forefront of most people’s minds. These vehicles are built for utility and recreation, so an uncomfortable ride is often beside the point. Safety, on the other hand, should be a top priority. Some modifications can cover both sides of the story. Installing aftermarket doors and suspension certainly falls into that category. Seat belts are more for safety than comfort, but they offer extra peace of mind. Some might argue that more comfortable seats with shock-absorbing features can make a UTV safer from a long-term perspective. 

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