Car Maintenance on a Budget – 5 Tried & Tested Tips

Those who have bought cars for the first time should be ready for the ongoing car maintenance costs. If you know how to do so on a budget, car running can be cheaper for you. Apart from paying attention to routine checkups and service, you must buy only quality tyres in Dubai for excellent performance on the road.

Here are some easy tips that could make car running affordable and easy for you:

Use Correct Fuel

Some car manufacturers recommend a certain or minimum grade of petrol. It is wise you follow it and don’t use lower grade petrol for your car. There is no need to go overboard and fill up the fuel tank with a higher RON rating compared to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Right Tyre Pressure

Since air is free, there is no need to be skimpy about it. One can easily find it at all petrol and gas stations. Underinflated tyres wear out faster and lead to higher rolling resistance. This would increase your fuel consumption. Check with the car manual for the manufacturer’s recommended tyre air pressure.

Petrol Cards

You can save a lot of money by finding the right combo of credit/debit and loyalty cards. Loyalty cards are free to register mostly. Every filled tank gets you points.

Smart and Efficient Driving

Some cars consume more fuel, and that is because of unnecessary braking. See that you get smooth while using the throttle. Also, try to predict traffic slow down and wind through heavy traffic as much as you possibly can. It has become easier with GPS as it also provides you with traffic information and informs you of the best route for your journey. 

See if the route has any diversions or traffic jams. You can save time by taking shorter routes, but if there are a lot of stops and signals, you will waste fuel. The fewer stops the better.

Get into DIYs

Cars are like machines. While numerous parts and functions of your car need only the expert and experienced hands of a mechanic, you can do some stuff yourself too. There are a few things that you can do yourself without the need for a skilled mechanic. 

Some cars have easy-access air con filters. Also, wiper fluids and wiper blades. Also, rather than getting the car wash done from a service station. You can do it yourself. It is not difficult at all, and come to think of it, it is a pretty good exercise too. When you can do things yourself, there is no need to spend money on those tasks by paying experienced people to do them. 

Car running can be fairly simple and affordable if you get into the routine of taking care of your car. Make a habit of doing routine checks, so you can identify any issue early on and get it treated on time. As for tyres, buy car tyres from genuine car dealers only that deal in authentic branded tyres from renowned tyre manufacturing brands around the world.

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