Explore 4 Hidden Gems in Wisconsin

When you think of amazing destinations around the US, the South or the East Coast will likely come to mind first. But you will find equally fantastic destinations in the Upper Midwest.

One unlikely place in the region is Wisconsin, a land of natural wonders nestled between the Great Lakes.

You may be tired of the same old popular places and attractions everyone goes after and want something out of the way but just as exciting. 

Wisconsin has plenty of those hidden treasures, and in this post, we share four of the state’s hidden gems you should definitely explore.

  • Taliesin Preservation, Spring Green

There aren’t many names like Albert Einstein that are so revered in their fields, which makes these individuals a blessing to the world. 

Frank Lloyd Wright is one such individual who lived in the same era as Einstein and might as well be the Einstein of organic architecture. Wright invented the art of creating buildings that exist in harmony with the environment.

One of Wright’s architectural marvels is the Taliesin Preservation in Spring Green, Wisconsin. You would think the property would be super popular because of the genius behind it. Somehow, it’s quite a hidden treasure.

The estate sits on 800 acres, which feature unique buildings and terraces that merge with the surrounding nature as if they are one.

If you love nature and would appreciate learning an alternative way of building that embraces instead of replaces, Taliesin will be worth your time.

As out-of-the-way as the Taliesin property may be, tickets get sold out fast. If you plan to visit, booking your tour in advance is best.

  • Pewit’s Nest State Natural Area, Baraboo

If you’ve ever visited Devil’s Lake State Park, you probably stopped at Parfrey’s Glen, a heavily visited natural area. But it’s not the only one.

Northwest of Devil’s Lake State Park lies Pewit’s Nest, a similar glen around 40 feet deep cut to perfection by a small creek.

Unlike Parfrey’s Glen, a 17-minute ride to the southeast, Pewit’s Nest is not that well known, making it a must-see hidden gem.

The gorge is nothing short of breathtaking, but the beauty surrounding the trail leading to the enchanting overlook is equally stunning. 

While all seasons are charming in their own way, we suggest visiting in autumn when the colors transform the gorge.

  • Green Bay Botanical Garden, Green Bay

Nature’s treasures don’t end with state parks; you will see why when you set aside a day to explore the Green Bay Botanical Garden.

You may have visited other botanical gardens, but before you even consider dismissing this one, let’s point out that it’s an absolutely gorgeous, one-of-a-kind place.

The 47-acre botanical garden has a unique design that takes you on a tour of impressive architecture, ranging from modern structures to stuff you probably only ever saw in a fairy tale book.

The garden is also designed to capture the four distinct seasons of northeast Wisconsin, featuring thousands of native and exotic plants.

You will love exploring the attractions within the property and learning about the various plants that grace the garden. Here are some activities the garden offers:

  • Interactive educational programs for all ages, adult classes, and programs geared toward educators and students
  • Family-centric activities, including a children’s garden with fairy tale elements.
  • Special events like the popular WPS Garden of Lights, a night of lights with nature-themed displays.
  • High Cliff State Park, Sherwood

If you appreciate a sweeping view of glistening waters while on an observation deck atop a cliff, High Cliff State Park offers you that and more.

The park sits on limestone cliffs overlooking Lake Winnebago, the largest inland lake in Wisconsin. Safe to say, the views are otherworldly, particularly in fall when the colors explode.

As a nature-lovers paradise, the park offers many scenic treats. Explore stunning geological features blended into the vegetation. Hike the park’s scenic trails or spend the day on the shores of Lake Winnebago.

The park has playgrounds and a campground, making it ideal for families to spend quality time and partake in numerous recreational activities.

Just so you know, the park’s name, “High Cliff,” shouldn’t tempt you to get high. The serene environment can be motivating, but remember that Wisconsin forbids weed even though legal states surround it

However, reforms may happen soon, so stay informed through professionals like medical marijuana doctors who will guide you when the situation changes.

Final Takeaway

While we haven’t listed even half of the hidden gems of Wisconsin, these four are sufficient to spark your thirst for adventure and get you on the road or flight to the beautiful Midwest.

However, the idea is to not go for the same things everyone else is after. There are many hidden treasures waiting for you to explore. These Places may be tucked out of the way, but they will undoubtedly enhance your experience.

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