Police Stated that a Woman is Accused of Road Rage Near a School

In a recent incident in the southwest Las Vegas valley, a stabbing is under investigation by the police, who believe a road rage situation might have triggered it. The event occurred on a Monday afternoon at 3:33 p.m. Reports indicated that an individual was stabbed near the vicinity of Nevada Trails Park and Judith Steele Elementary School, located close to Rainbow Boulevard and Warm Springs Road.

According to information provided to 8 News Now, a woman is alleged to have stabbed a man near the park. Subsequently, the man returned to the school after the altercation and was later transported to a hospital for treatment, as stated by the police.

After initially leaving the scene, the woman eventually returned following a call from law enforcement officers. She was subsequently taken into police custody. The authorities are actively looking into the incident to gather more details and determine the sequence of events.

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