Relief from hemorrhoids with Ayurvedic Treatment

Hemorrhoids are also referred to as Piles. They are the swollen veins present in the anus and lower rectum. Depending upon their development they are of two types:

  1. Internal Hemorrhoids: When the hemorrhoids form inside the rectum. As it is present internally, it is hard to see them but straining while passing stool can cause bleeding, pain, and irritation. 
  2. External Hemorrhoids: When the hemorrhoids form under the skin surface around the anus. 

The various symptoms are:

  • Pain
  • Itching and irritation
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling

According to Ayurveda, the person with the respective dominant Dosha will decide the type of hemorrhoids.

  1. Vata Dominant: They may experience cuts in anal region, extreme pain, constipation, and hemorrhoids that have a black color, rough and hard texture. 
  2. Pitta Dominant: People may experience inflammation and burning pain in anal region after passing stool, bleeding, fever, diarrhea, and excessive thirst. 
  3. Kapha Dominant: These people may have indigestion and pus sometimes. The hemorrhoids are white in color and soft in texture with a larger size.

Causes of Hemorrhoids (Piles)

Sitting for a longer duration of time, increased straining while passing the bowel movements, stress, high blood pressure, obesity, and substance abuse can all easily result in piles. 

If these symptoms do not improve and no treatment is taken under course it can lead to complications such as colorectal cancer and anal cancer.

Ayurvedic treatment for hemorrhoids: 

Ayurvedic treatment for Piles is the best mode of treatment as it involves naturally aided methodology intending to eliminate the root cause of disease. The holistic approach also gives no side effects and fights against the reversibility of the disease.

Natural herbs

Various natural herbs and spices will aid in proving relief from the pain and will ease the discomfort. 

  1. Aloe Vera: It can be used in the form of gel externally and juice for internal healing. It reduces itching, irritation, and inflammation. 
  2. Coconut oil: Applying coconut oil will relieve the irritation. 
  3. Amla: It has anti-inflammatory and laxative properties. 
  4. Guggul: It helps in providing relief from pain and inflammation. Also, it helps to reduce the toxins in the body.
  5. Turmeric: The addition of turmeric to the diet results in controlling the bleeding caused due to hemorrhoids. 
  6. Triphala: Consuming Triphala helps to find relief from constipation and aid in the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Healthy diet

Adopting a healthy diet will save you from various diseases and at the same time will help you to manage the symptoms of existing disease.                        

  1. Buttermilk: This drink will do wonders for the patient suffering from piles. Drink it on the regular basis with Sendha salt and jeera. 
  2. Juices: Fresh fruit and vegetables can be used to make juices as they contain fiber that will boost the immunity of the body. Cranberry, orange, carrot and radish will help the body a lot. 
  3. Fresh fruits and vegetables: The fruits and vegetables will keep the body fulfilled with various nutrients, minerals, fiber, and vitamins.
  1. Avoid processed, canned foods.
  2. Prefer a vegetarian diet.
  3. Avoid excess sugar and caffeine.
  4. Do not consume carbonated drinks.
  5. Do not have oily foods, foods rich in saturated fats. 
  6. Avoid dairy products. 
  7. Excessive non vegetarian foods, eggs, and fish must be avoided.
  8. Home-made butter with coriander powder is the best remedy.

Lifestyle modifications

Various changes in the way a person lives their life will impact the body and will help in minimizing the symptoms of the disease.

  1. Do not suppress the natural urges.
  2. Avoid sitting for a longer duration of time.
  3. Plan a workout routine.
  4. Go out for morning and evening walks.
  5. Quit Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs.
  6. Wear loose-fitting cotton clothes.
  7. Take warm baths with Epsom salt. 
  8. Maintain personal hygiene.
  9. Avoid using fragrance and chemical-based products. 
  10. Practice warm water sitz bath to get relief from pain.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga poses are much more than stretches as they not only provide flexibility but also put a gentle strain on the muscles which help in releasing the stress and eventually helps in the management of the respective disorder.

  • Yoga asanas like Viparita Karani, Malasana, Balasana, Pavanmukhtasana, Sarvangasana, and Ardha Matsyendrasana boosts the digestive system. At the same time, they help with the reduction of pain, discomfort, and inflammation.
  • Meditation is the pathway to calmness. Stress is the trigger of hemorrhoids. To keep stress at the distance and manage negative thoughts meditation can be done.

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