A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Vaporizers

Vaporizers can be a great way to relax at home but there are a few things to think about in order to get the best experience. If you want a vaporizer NZ it helps to understand how they work and what types there are. All of them work in the same basic way, they heat the material until it vaporizes and then you inhale. They change though in their battery size, their power, their size and the features they have, as well as their overall performance. Different models and makers place different importance on specific elements of design depending on what is to be achieved.

Two categories of vaporizers are desktop and portable

In order to make things simple vaporizers fall under two categories, desktop or portable. As the two categories indicate they are designations about where the vaporizer can be used. You can also choose to categorize them by the way they draw power when you go to a bong shop. Essentially a portable uses a battery and lets you vape as you move around and go out, and a desktop is one that uses a wall power outlet and you use it in a home. Here is a closer look at the two.

  1. Desktop – Vaporizers known as desktops take more power to work and are larger. If you do not want to vape on the go then they have a lot to offer. The volcano hybrid technology on these types is more developed as they have more power and more features and more temperature moderation. It makes them better to optimize or customize to get the best to meet your vaping needs. A desktop vaporizer NZ can hold more vaping material so it makes it more suited to sharing and group sessions, or to have longer personal sessions. They are also categorized according to how the inhalation happens, for example, there are devices that use a valve and balloon system, and another uses a hose system.
  2. Portable – As you can tell this category denotes a type of vaporizer that can be carried around on your person. You might take it away with you when you go on holiday, or around someone’s home, or out for the night. They work from internal and smaller batteries that can be recharged when they run down. There are not as many temperature control settings as with a desktop. Portables usually have the ability to handle both concentrates and dry herbs. You can have some that with just dry materials and some that can work with all types of materials. They come in different styles, more pen-like devices as well as larger battery-operated mods. These are the kind of factors that will help you consider what type of portable vaporizer you want to use.


With a better understanding of vaporizers and by knowing better the options and features you can narrow down what you want and get the right thing. It is pretty easy to know whether you want a desktop or portable but then you have decisions to make from there at a bong shop.

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