Applying for a Canadian visa: step by step guide

Foreigners, who often visit Canada in search of beautiful, interesting landscapes and cultures for tourism, get educational, job, business, and adventure facilities there. Applying for a tourist visa in Canada can, at times, be challenging. It is the best destination for adventurous places for tourism or your vacation in Canada. These are the steps you need to consider before applying for a Canadian visa.

Checking eligibility criteria

The first step of a successful application procedure involves the eligibility criteria for a tourist visa for Canada from India. To make it possible, the government of Canada provides simple immigration ways and visa types for international tourists. Applicants must have a look at their websites and be aware of the different document considerations needs. They will get all information about visas or eTAs on the Canadian website.

Application process

You also need to follow a clear application process to ensure that your tourist visa to Canada is successful. The application process is associated with some pre-requirements, verification of documents, and filling out the application form correctly.

Fulfilling document requirements

Once the eligibility criteria are established, and you are found not ineligible for the tourist visa, it is advisable to prepare the essential documents. In most cases, your passport photos and the application forms are what you are supposed to provide. In addition, your character and medical certificate, as well as an identity card or passport, travel arrangements proof, and financial documents that suit your convenience for staying in Canada, must be clear.

Application Submission

After obtaining the needed documents, you should complete the application form with the necessary advice from top immigration consultants in India who have experience in filling out the application forms. With all the information, you can apply at the official government website of Canada and this is the step when you have to pay for your tourist visa.

Waiting for a decision

Once an applicant completes the application, he has to wait some time before the form can be cleared. This waiting time period can be from one day to several years (according to a particular country or in a very specific unique case). A good estimate of time duration should be obtained from the Canadian site.

Visa issuance

Following the approval of your tourist visa application, you have to submit your passport to the Canadian embassy and then get it back with a Visa stamp. Applicants should, therefore observe all the required procedures given by visa offices for an easy relocation from India to Canada.


The Indians should have a good consultancy service for facilitating immigration from India to Canada. Being an ever-changing procedure, immigration consultants have to update immigrants on the newest information. You can get more details on the official website of Canada or contact an immigrant consultant to make your visa process easy.

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