Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Las Vegas – Fine Dining [2023]

Las Vegas is renowned for its extravagant entertainment and luxurious lifestyle. However, the city is also known for its Michelin-star-rated restaurants, offering a culinary experience. In 2023, the city boasts some of the world’s best Michelin restaurants, providing unparalleled fine dining experiences to its visitors.

This comprehensive guide offers insights into the top-rated restaurants, allowing food enthusiasts to savour the culinary delights of Las Vegas. The guide includes restaurants like the three-star Joël Robuchon Restaurant, which features an elaborate French cuisine menu. Joël Robuchon Restaurant offers a dining experience unlike any other, with its lavish décor and impeccable service.

 Here Are All The Las Vegas Restaurants With Michelin Stars


picasso restaurant

Overview: Picasso is one of the best Michelin-star restaurants in Las Vegas, offering guests an exquisite dining experience in a luxurious setting. The restaurant takes its name from the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, whose original paintings adorn the walls, providing a stunning backdrop to your meal. The restaurant’s elegant setting is complemented by exceptional service, with staff trained to provide a personalized experience for each guest. Whether celebrating a special occasion or looking for an unforgettable dining experience, Picasso is a perfect choice.

Menu: The menu at Picasso is curated by renowned chef Julian Serrano, who infuses traditional French cuisine with a contemporary twist. The menu is designed to showcase the finest ingredients and flavours, with dishes such as foie gras terrine, pan-seared sea bass, and succulent prime beef filet. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine list featuring some of the finest vintages from around the world, carefully selected to complement the flavours of each dish.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 2 Stars
  • Cuisine: French
  • Location: Bellagio (3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV)

Picasso offers a range of dining options, including a prix-fixe menu, a tasting menu, and a la carte options. Guests can choose from various appetizers, entrees, and desserts, ranging from $85 for a three-course meal to $185 for a six-course tasting menu.

Prix-Fixe Menu

  • Three-Course Menu – $85
  • Four-Course Menu – $105
  • Five-Course Menu – $135

A La Carte Menu

  • Appetizers – $18-$52
  • Entrees – $48-$88
  • Desserts – $16-$24
  • Tasting Menu</h2
  • Six-Course Tasting Menu – $185

Picasso is located at the Bellagio hotel and is open for dinner service seven days a week. Reservations are recommended and can be made online or by phone. Experience the ultimate in fine dining at Picasso, and discover why it has earned its place as one of the best Michelin-star restaurants in Las Vegas.

Restaurant Guy Savoy

Restaurant Guy Savoy

Overview: Restaurant Guy Savoy offers a fine dining experience like no other. Located in Caesars Palace, this restaurant is known for its exceptional French cuisine and service. With a focus on delivering a luxurious dining experience, the restaurant’s interior is elegant and inviting, offering a perfect ambience for a romantic dinner or a special occasion with friends and family.

Menu: The menu at a restaurant is carefully crafted by the renowned chef himself, Guy Savoy. The restaurant offers various delectable dishes, focusing on fresh ingredients and traditional French cooking techniques. The restaurant’s menu includes signature dishes such as artichoke and black truffle soup, lobster salad, and foie gras terrine. For the main course, guests can indulge in various seafood and meat dishes, including the famous roasted lamb loin with thyme and honey.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 2 Stars
  • Cuisine: French
  • Location: Caesars Palace (3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV)

It also offers a multi-course tasting menu, which includes some of the chef’s most famous dishes. The tasting menu is perfect for those who want to experience the restaurant’s full range of flavours and textures. Additionally, the restaurant offers an impressive selection of fine wines to complement the dishes on the menu.

The higher prices reflect the restaurant’s status as a Michelin-star restaurant. However, the prices are worth it for those looking for an unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant offers a variety of prix fixe menus, with prices ranging from $130 for a four-course meal to $385 for a ten-course meal.


  • Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup
  • Roasted Quail Stuffed with Foie Gras and Black Truffle
  • Chocolate Fondant


  • Three-Course Meal: $135 per person
  • Chef’s Tasting Menu: $385 per person

Wing Lei

Wing Lei

Overview: Wing Lei is an exquisite Michelin-star restaurant in the heart of Las Vegas. Offering a delightful blend of Cantonese, Szechuan, and Hunan cuisine, the restaurant promises an unforgettable culinary experience for its guests. The restaurant’s opulent decor, which features ornate chandeliers, red lanterns, and intricate woodwork, adds to the overall dining experience, making it perfect for special occasions or intimate dinners.

Wing Lei’s commitment to delivering a truly unforgettable dining experience and its exquisite cuisine has earned it a well-deserved spot among the best Michelin-star restaurants in Las Vegas. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or a celebration with friends and family, Wing Lei promises to exceed your expectations.

Menu: At Wing Lei, the menu offers a range of dishes inspired by traditional Chinese cooking techniques and flavours, presented with modern twists. The restaurant’s signature dishes include the Peking duck, which is roasted to perfection and served with homemade pancakes and scallions, and the Sauteed Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper Sauce, which boasts a tantalizing blend of spices and tender meat.

It offers an impressive selection of appetizers, soups, seafood, meats, and vegetable dishes. Guests can indulge in the Steamed Chilean Sea Bass with Black Bean Sauce or the Wok-fried Dungeness Crab with Ginger and Scallions, among other mouth-watering options. The restaurant also offers a range of vegetarian options, including Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables with Garlic and Braised Tofu with Shiitake Mushrooms.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 1 Star
  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Location: Wynn (3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV)

Wing Lei also boasts an extensive wine list featuring some of the best wines worldwide to complement the exquisite cuisine. Guests can choose from various red, white, and sparkling wines, speciality cocktails, and spirits.

For those looking for a truly indulgent experience, Wing Lei offers Chef’s Table experience, where guests can enjoy a personalized menu created by the restaurant’s executive chef. The Chef’s Table experience also includes a guided wine pairing, ensuring that every dish is perfectly complemented by the right wine.



  • Steamed Dim Sum Platter $38
  • Crispy Wontons $26
  • Peking Duck $92


  • Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup $18
  • Hot and Sour Soup $18
  • Lobster Bisque $28


  • Steamed Chilean Sea Bass with Black Bean Sauce $68
  • Wok-fried Dungeness Crab with Ginger and Scallions $98
  • Stir-fried Prawns with XO Sauce $52


  • Sauteed Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper Sauce $58
  • Kung Pao Chicken $42
  • Stir-fried Lamb with Cumin $56


  • Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables with Garlic $28
  • Braised Tofu with Shiitake Mushrooms $32
  • Stir-fried Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce $28

Chef’s Table

  • Five-course menu $168 per person
  • Seven-course menu $228 per person

Michael Mina


Overview: Michael Mina offers a luxurious fine dining experience. The restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel features an upscale ambience, exceptional service, and a menu of innovative and contemporary American cuisine. It is renowned for its extensive selection of seafood dishes sourced from the freshest and most sustainable ingredients available.

Menu: The menu is diverse and features a variety of small, large, and shared plates. Each dish is expertly crafted and beautifully presented, creating an unforgettable culinary experience. The restaurant’s tasting menu features carefully curated courses showcasing the chef’s culinary skills and creativity. The tasting menu changes regularly, reflecting the seasonal availability of ingredients and the chef’s inspiration.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 1 Star
  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Location: Bellagio (3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV)

In addition to the outstanding cuisine, Michael Mina boasts an extensive wine list, with over 500 wines from around the world. The restaurant’s sommelier is on hand to offer expert guidance and help guests choose the perfect wine to complement their meal. The service at Michael Mina is exceptional, with attentive and knowledgeable staff passionate about providing a memorable dining experience. The restaurant also offers private dining rooms for special occasions or intimate gatherings.


Small Plates: $25 – $38

  • Ahi Tuna Tartare
  • Lobster Pot Pie
  • Foie Gras Torchon
  • Hamachi Sashimi
  • Grilled Octopus

Large Plates: $48 – $80

  • Black Truffle Risotto
  • Maine Lobster Thermidor
  • Wagyu Ribeye
  • Pan-Roasted Duck Breast
  • Colorado Lamb Chop

Shared Plates: $120 – $200

  • Whole Roasted Chicken for Two
  • Tomahawk Ribeye for Two
  • Seafood Tower for Two
  • Grilled Sea Bass for Two

Tasting Menu: $175 – $235 (wine pairing additional $125)

  • Seven-Course Tasting Menu
  • Vegetarian Tasting Menu
  • Wine Pairing Tasting Menu

Joel Robuchon

Overview: Joel Robuchon is a fine dining restaurant in Las Vegas, renowned for its exceptional French cuisine and impeccable service. It offers a luxurious dining experience that is both refined and unforgettable. The restaurant is adorned with elegant decor, featuring crystal chandeliers, plush furnishings, and beautiful artwork that creates a sophisticated ambience. Guests are welcomed with personalized service, and the restaurant’s sommelier offers expert guidance on selecting the perfect wine to accompany each dish.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 1 star
  • Cuisine: French
  • Location: MGM Grand (3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV)

Menu: The Joel menu features exquisite French dishes, each expertly crafted using the finest ingredients. The restaurant’s signature dishes include La Langoustine, a succulent langoustine served with truffled langoustine jus and caviar, and Le Caviar, a delicate dish made with golden osetra caviar and cauliflower cream. Other menu highlights include the decadent foie gras and the tender Kobe beef.

It offers a variety of prix-fixe menus, ranging from the four-course Menu Decouverte to the twelve-course Menu Degustation. Prices start at $165 per person for the four-course menu and range up to $445 per person for the twelve-course menu.



  • Seared foie gras with quince and brioche: $65
  • Lobster and avocado salad with truffled vinaigrette: $70
  • Le caviar Imperial: $195


  • Pan-roasted duck breast with turnip and black garlic: $98
  • Grilled Wagyu beef with potato puree and shallot confit: $165
  • Roasted pigeon with chanterelle mushrooms: $135


  • Apple tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream: $42
  • Chocolate sphere with hazelnut ice cream: $48
  • Seasonal fruit sorbet selection: $32

Tasting Menu

  • Seasonal tasting menu: $335 per person
  • Discovery tasting menu: $445 per person
  • Ultimate tasting menu: $485 per person

DJT Restaurant and Bar

Overview: DJT Restaurant and Bar is a fine dining establishment renowned for its exquisite menu and impeccable service. The restaurant is named after the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and is a testament to his commitment to excellence. The restaurant’s decor exudes elegance and sophistication, with plush furnishings and subtle lighting creating an intimate ambience.

Menu: The menu is carefully curated by Executive Chef Mark Levy, who has crafted a selection of dishes that are both innovative and delicious. Start your dining experience with the Hamachi Crudo, a delicate dish featuring yellowtail, yuzu, and avocado. The Foie Gras Torchon is another standout appetizer with quince, honeycomb, and brioche. Try the Lobster Bisque, a creamy soup with chunks of succulent lobster meat, for a heartier start.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 1 Star
  • Cuisine: American
  • Location: Trump Internation (2000 Fashion Show Dr, Las Vegas, NV )

For the main course, indulge in the Wagyu Strip Loin, a tender cut of beef served with truffle jus and roasted garlic. The Veal Chop is another popular choice, cooked to perfection with a side of creamed spinach and crispy potatoes. Seafood lovers will relish the Pan-Roasted Halibut, a light and flaky fish accompanied by wild mushrooms and broccolini.

Treat yourself to one of the restaurant’s decadent desserts to round off your meal. The Chocolate Hazelnut Tart is a must-try, with its rich, chocolatey filling and flaky crust. The Lemon Meringue Tart is another winner, featuring tangy lemon curd and fluffy meringue.

It also boasts an impressive wine list, with a wide selection of domestic and international wines. The knowledgeable staff is always available to make recommendations and ensure your dining experience is exceptional.



  • Hamachi Crudo – $22
  • Foie Gras Torchon – $26
  • Lobster Bisque – $18
  • Beef Carpaccio – $24


  • Wagyu Strip Loin – $68
  • Veal Chop – $62
  • Pan-Roasted Halibut – $42
  • Roasted Chicken – $38


  • Creamed spinach – $10
  • Truffle Fries – $12
  • Grilled Asparagus – $14
  • Wild Mushrooms – $12


  • Chocolate Hazelnut Tart – $16
  • Lemon Meringue Tart – $14
  • Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee – $12
  • Apple Tarte Tatin – $18


  • Wine (by the glass) – from $12 to $35
  • Champagne – from $95 to $295
  • Cocktails – from $16 to $22
  • Beer – from $7 to $12

Michelin Star Chefs in Las Vegas

The star chefs have made their mark on the city’s dining scene. With 24 Michelin stars among them, these chefs offer a truly exceptional dining experience that will satisfy even the most discerning palate. From the elegant French cuisine of Joel Robuchon to the innovative Japanese flavours of Masayoshi Takayama’s BarMasa, the range of offerings from these Michelin-starred chefs is truly impressive. Each chef brings unique style and creativity, creating diverse and exciting dining options.

In addition to the superb food, the restaurants themselves are a sight to behold. Many are located within the city’s most luxurious resorts and offer stunning views of the Las Vegas skyline. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner for two or a lively evening with friends, these Michelin-starred restaurants will impress.

Here’s a list of all the Michelin Star chefs in Vegas:

  • Chef Guy Savoy
  • Chef Joel Robuchon
  • Chef Wolfgang Puck
  • Chef Akira Back
  • Chef Gordon Ramsay
  • Chef David Chang

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What does the Michelin Star Rating System Mean?

The Michelin Star Rating System is a prestigious and internationally recognized guide to the world’s finest restaurants. Developed by the French tire company Michelin in the early 20th century, the system is based on a three-star rating system that evaluates a restaurant’s overall quality, with three stars being the highest honour.

Here’s what each of the stars means:

  • 1 Star: Excellent cooking. A great restaurant.
  • 2 Stars: Superior cuisine. The personality of a chef is apparent in their dishes.
  • 3 Stars: Exceptional food. Chef is at their profession’s peak, making instant classic dishes.


After thorough research and analysis, it is safe to say that the best Restaurants in Las Vegas offer unparalleled dining experiences that will impress even the most discerning foodies. These restaurants boast top-tier chefs, exquisite culinary techniques, and innovative menus that showcase the finest ingredients worldwide.

Whether you’re in the mood for a decadent tasting menu or a more casual yet refined dining experience, the Star Restaurants in vegas has something for everyone. With a range of options to suit all tastes and budgets, these restaurants offer an opportunity to indulge in some of the most exceptional cuisines in the world.


What’s Gordon Ramsay’s highest Michelin-star Restaurant?

Gordon Ramsay’s highest Michelin star restaurant is the eponymous “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay” in London, UK. The restaurant has held three Michelin stars since 2001 and is known for its exquisite French cuisine, impeccable service, and luxurious ambience. Led by chef patron Clare Smyth, the restaurant offers a menu that focuses on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, with a particular emphasis on seafood. A visit to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay promises an unforgettable dining experience.

How many Michelin stars is Guy Savoy in Las Vegas?

Guy Savoy in Las Vegas is a renowned French restaurant with a three Michelin-star rating, the highest accolade that can be awarded to a restaurant. Led by Chef Guy Savoy, the restaurant offers a refined and elegant dining experience, with a menu featuring classic French dishes and innovative creations. With exceptional service and a luxurious atmosphere, Guy Savoy in Las Vegas is a must-visit destination for food lovers and culinary enthusiasts.

Does Spago Las Vegas have a Michelin star?

Spago Las Vegas is a high-end restaurant in the Bellagio hotel and casino. It is known for its exceptional cuisine, elegant atmosphere, and top-notch service. While Spago has received numerous accolades, including recognition from the James Beard Foundation, it does not currently hold a Michelin star. Nonetheless, the restaurant’s reputation and quality are highly regarded in the culinary world.




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