Difference Between Maintenance Services and Snagging

Maintenance services and snagging are often used interchangeably in the construction industry. Nonetheless, they have different functions, although they both contribute to keeping a property in good shape. Both Maintenance and property snagging Dubai are more than just a requirement. However, both of them are different in various ways.

What is Maintenance Services?

For the property to remain in good condition, it is important that regular inspections, repairs, and replacements are undertaken. The owner can do this or pay a maintenance service company to accomplish the tasks.

Maintenance services are crucial for both commercial and residential properties as they prevent minor problems from turning into major ones. Maintaining a property regularly will save them money in the long run and also save time

What is Snagging?

By definition, snagging is aimed at spotting any mistakes or errors in construction work and also to help the developer rectify them before handing over the house to the owner.

A professional snagging firm or an independent inspector usually undertakes snagging. It refers to looking for observable defaults like wrong wiring, leakages in plumbing, structural problems, among others, and hidden ones inside the entire building.

4 Key Differences Between Maintenance Services and Snagging

  1. Maintenance tasks entail many activities, whereas snagging only deals with finding and informing construction defects.
  2. The property owner or the company delegated the maintenance services should do their best to ensure that there are no repairs required; on the other hand, developers are responsible for any snags that come up in the course of carrying out this process.
  3. Maintenance is performed on an ongoing basis. However, snagging is preferentially done prior to the handover of a newly built or renovated property.
  4. The responsibility for maintenance services lies with the owner of the property or maintenance service company, while the developer is responsible for dealing with any snags found.

Choosing Between Maintenance Services and Snagging

When deciding between snagging or maintenance services, it is necessary to comprehend the nature of each and at what point in time each is needed. There’s a need for continuous maintenance works which will ensure that the property remains in perfect condition all through. This seeks to prevent small problems from turning into huge and expensive ones.

Snagging is a particular kind of inspection that is relevant to newly built or refurbished homes. It is important to the buyer that the developer fulfills all the agreed-upon stipulations, and there should be no flaws in the house before he moves into it. The decision between these two services depends on whatever state and age your property is in, your personal wants as well as the maintenance level required.


Maintenance services and snagging are both necessary to keep a property in good condition, but they are not the same. Services for maintenance deal with preserving and ceaseless repairs, while snagging involves explicitly finding out about and correcting such defects in construction. Property owners should be well informed about these differences so that their properties remain in the best state possible, given that any build errors will be resolved promptly enough.

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