Is It Easy To Get House Finance in Dubai?

In order to get a Home finance Dubai, you need to meet some requirements. The bank doesn’t play around in the UAE. They want to make sure you’re stable and reliable enough to pay back the loan. To start off, you need a source of income that’s grounded and steady.

It’s also essential you have a decent credit score but that should already be one of your priorities if you want to approach some of the top mortgage companies in Dubai. Lastly, Dubai banks only offer mortgages to residents. They don’t want too much confusion or complications in their financial system by dealing with foreigners who aren’t living there for good.

Understanding House Finance

Before we discuss whether house finance in Dubai is easy to get or not, let’s first break down what it means. House Finance is basically getting a loan so you can buy property. The loan that you get usually has a set time period and interest rate that you have to pay back.

Factors That Affect Getting House Finance in Dubai

  • To finance your home, banks, and financial institutions will look at your financial stability first. They examine credit scores, income, and existing debts. If you have a good income with a stable job and don’t have much debt, then your chances of getting financed are higher.
  • The type of property you want to buy is also considered when obtaining house finance. Banks prefer homes in well-developed areas that will be easy to sell in the future. It’d be hard to get financing for an off-plan or under-construction house because they’re more risky.
  • The real estate market in Dubai is a constant rollercoaster. In its prime, you’ll be able to secure house financing like it’s nothing. Banks will be itching to lend money. But once it slows down and turns to a downturn, the criteria for getting financing becomes strict, and interest rates will climb.

Tips for Getting House Finance in Dubai

  • A solid credit score is the key to getting any type of loan. The first step to improving your score is to pay off all current debts and bills on time.
  • Banks in Dubai often want a 20% down payment. Having a nice amount saved up can tell the bank that you’re responsible for money and able to pay it back.
  • Different banks have different requirements when it comes to providing finances for a house. To find out which one suits your financial situation and needs, research and compare.
  • A lot of documents are needed when applying for house finance, such as bank statements, proof of income, and ID. Getting all of these together earlier on will speed up the process.


Dubai’s financial market depends on various factors when it comes to easy house finance. However, if you have proper planning skills, good financial stability, and thorough research, you increase your chances of getting approved.

Remember, buying property is a big investment. Take your time and weigh out all options before pulling the trigger.

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