Runflat Tyres – How are the Different than Normal Tyres?

Run flat tyres do not deflate after getting punctured and can be driven at slower speeds for a short distance, allowing some time to get help or reach a repair shop. Run flat tyres feature an additional lining inside the tyre that is capable of sealing itself if a screw or nail punctures the tyre and causes a hole. Run flat tyres are designed to continue rolling after losing air pressure or getting punctured. You can get a variety of run-flat tyres from global brands at Dubai Tyres Shop.

Ideally, they are used in situations where it is inevitable to stop driving after losing air pressure or a puncture, for example:

Dealing with a punctured tyre can result in traffic issues and delays in an urban area.

Ambulances and police cars use run-flat tyres as they cannot afford delays, and run-flat tyres continue moving after a puncture.

Normal Tyres vs Run Flat Tyres

Both normal and run-flat tyres come with their set of advantages and disadvantages.

Normal Tyres

  • Normal tyres are economical and cost less than run-flat tyres.
  • Normal tyres are available in an array of sizes and models, and that’s why cater to a large variety of vehicles.
  • If blown out or ruptured, they are simpler to replace.
  • Normal tyres provide a smoother ride comparatively due to softer sidewalls.

Run-flat Tyres

  • One can easily use run-flat tyres without a spare tyre which saves both weight and space in your car.
  • You can continue driving for a limited distance. At a slower speed, however, after a puncture. This can be safe and useful in a remote or dangerous area.
  • Run flat tyres help boost vehicle design, allowing for compact and aerodynamic vehicle design.
  • Run flat tires are cost-effective because you don’t need to have a spare tyre or stress about replacement, maintenance, and storage.
  • Run flat tyres boost the load-carrying capacity of a vehicle.

Normal or Run Flat – Which is better?

Normal tyres, if they begin to lose pressure need to be replaced or repaired immediately. When it comes to life, they last longer than run-flat tyres, provide a more comfortable ride, and ensure improved handling and grip.

On the other hand, run-flat tyres are designed to cover short distances and less speed once they lose air pressure. Run flat tyres have strong sidewalls that allow the tyres to retain their shape and provide sturdiness and control. This proves to be quite beneficial if you face a puncture in a remote area and need to reach a secure area for a tyre change. Run flat tyres and continue rolling for a short distance, so you can reach a safe area and get the tyre replaced/repaired. But they are more expensive to replace than regular tyres.

Your financial situation, your car’s make and model, and your driving habits influence your decision. If your top priority is security and ease, run flat tyres is a smart choice. But they are not appropriate for all-weather driving. However, if you value performance more, normal tyres will be better for you.

You can buy continental tyres run flat variety from authentic tyre dealers in the UAE.

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