The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Camper Rental in Iceland

Soaring mountains, black sand beaches, and plummeting waterfalls—you can experience all these natural wonders when renting a campervan in Iceland. It’s also the cheapest way to travel around this island paradise.

You’ll want to bring showering equipment as it’s illegal to wild camp in Iceland outside designated campsites (except in tents). You can always stop at swimming pools and restrooms in towns and villages for a quick wash.


The natural beauty of Iceland is abundant, with soaring mountains, beaches with black sand, and plunging waterfalls merely the tip of the iceberg. But how can you truly appreciate these wonders without having the freedom to spend as much time as you like on your terms?

An Iceland camper rental is the perfect solution for those who want to experience all this stunning island country offers without being tied down to a strict schedule or hotel room. Plus, a camper can be an excellent option for families or friends traveling together as it offers more space than a car or truck.

Remember that most vehicles in Iceland are manual, so if you need to learn how to drive a stick shift, you may want to rent an automatic campervan. Additionally, some rental companies only have certain vehicles available during the high season, so booking as early as possible is essential. Happy Campers, for example, has eight different campervans to choose from, and each comes with unlimited mileage, a collision damage waiver, 24/7 mechanical assistance, and a fuel discount card.


Depending on the season, the rental price of a camper van in Iceland can vary significantly. It is essential to research before booking and choose a company that won’t try to overcharge you for extras. We recommend choosing a company that has excellent reviews and is known to be fair with their customers.

Another thing to remember is the distance from your starting point to your final destination. Unless you’re willing to drive an absurd amount, it is best to pick a rental with unlimited mileage. This will give you more freedom to explore and won’t limit how many sights you can see in a day.

Go Campers is one of the best rental companies in Iceland for budget-conscious travelers. They offer nine different vehicles to rent, and their cheapest option starts at 9,670 ISK per day ($74). Their rentals include VAT, unlimited mileage, and a collision damage waiver. Each vehicle has a sink with running water, a gas stove, and a heating system. They are also an eco-friendly company and plant trees for every booking they receive!


Taking on a road trip to Iceland is a dream for many travelers. With a campervan rental, you can drive around the island without worrying about returning to your hotel by a specific time. You can stop and enjoy Iceland’s beautiful vistas or even pull over and take a quick nap!

The vehicles from Happy Campers come with a kitchen area that includes a gas stove and oven, sink, 40L of water, and volt sockets. They are also insulated and equipped with a comfortable bed, ensuring a cozy place to rest at the end of your day.

Most campervan rentals in Iceland are manual transmission vehicles, so it’s essential to pay close attention when booking. If you don’t know how to drive a stick shift, consider hiring a company that offers automatic options. For example, Touring Car has several motorhomes, including a gas and electric stove, refrigerator, volt sockets, and more.


When deciding on a camper rental in Iceland, understand the insurance options and coverage. Many companies offer a complete package that bundles several types of insurance selections to save money and give you more comprehensive coverage. The most important thing is that you read the terms and conditions thoroughly, as different companies have a variety of ways to handle damages and claims.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most vehicles in Iceland are manual, so be prepared for this if you’re not used to driving manual transmission. A few companies have automatic cars available, but they will likely cost you more.

Consider the mileage limits on your camper rental. Typically, you’ll have something 200 km/day to drive. If you’re planning on doing the Ring Road, choosing a company that offers unlimited mileage might be a good idea.


Iceland’s untamed landscape is breathtaking, but you can only truly appreciate it with a good campervan. Since your rental will serve as both transportation and accommodation, you’ll save money by not having to book separate hotels. You can find the perfect camper for your budget with some research.

Many rental companies also offer extras to make your trip more comfortable. For example, Go Campers offers unlimited mileage, a collision damage waiver, and an extra driver for free.

The company also has a no-hidden charges policy, which gives travelers peace of mind. It’s essential to read the fine print of each company you’re considering. Some vehicles in Iceland have manual transmissions, which can be problematic if you need to learn how to drive a stick.

Other extras are GPS and a map of Iceland. Some rural areas may have poor signal or no service, so downloading a mapping app like Google Maps on your phone is always a good idea. You should also write down emergency numbers or save them on your phone.


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