Bathroom Countertops and How to protect them from Water Damage

Naturally, anything you have in the bathroom is at risk from water damage since there is a lot of humidity and risks of pipes bursting, toilets overflowing and sinks getting blocked. When you invest in some attractive bathroom countertops, Brick Township, NJ it makes sense to do what you can to prevent water damage from happening in the first place. Here are some ideas on what you might tackle to do just that.

Choosing the right material for a bathroom countertop

You have a lot of choices in terms of bathroom countertop materials, wood, stone, glass, ceramic and more. Wood is popular but needs to be something like plywood which is moisture resistant. Granite and marble are popular natural stone options but they need to be resealed on a regular basis to keep them protected. If you do not want to have to re-apply a coating now and then, you might want to consider something like tiles or Quartz.

Protecting the countertop from damage

The best way to protect your bathroom countertops Egg Harbor Township NJ is to not have a water problem!

  1. Check your plumbing now and then – Pipes can leak over time and water damage can happen really quickly. If you see a small leak do not ignore it and let it turn into something more serious. If you do not know what to look for have a plumber come and look at things as part of your regular home maintenance.       
  2. Bring down the humidity in the room – This means making sure there is a window opened when the shower or such is in use or having some ventilation in the room in the form of an exhaust fan. 
  3. Waterproof Your Vanity – When you invest in your preferred bathroom countertops Brick Township NJ you need to ensure they have the proper coating that makes them water or moisture-proof. Below are three ways you can achieve this.    

Three ways you can waterproof the bathroom countertop or vanity

We have mentioned a sealant needs to be applied and re-applied for certain stone countertops. But that is not the only way you can waterproof the vanity or countertop. As well as a sealant you can paint it or apply a varnish.

  • Putting on a sealant – When you first buy bathroom countertops, Egg Harbor Township, NJ, you can talk to the suppliers about whether it is sealed and what it needs in terms of a re-sealing schedule. There are also sealants you can buy from stores that you can apply yourself.       
  • Painting the vanity or countertop – There are water-resistant paints you can buy and paint the vanity or countertop with to give it extra protection. This is also a way you can get more creative in the bathroom.    
  • Painting on a varnish – A varnish has resins, oils and solvents in it which means it leaves a waterproof film on the surface as you apply it. You can have someone apply a varnish yourself or you can do it with a paintbrush or foam roller.       

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