Cardi B Hurls Microphone at Disruptive Individual Who Threw a Drink During Her Concert

Recently, during concerts, one of the most foolish trends among some audience members, particularly fans, is throwing things at the performers. Just a few weeks ago, in New York, a fan threw a cell phone on the stage, almost hitting the baby carriage, which was carrying Baby Rexha, and causing quite a scare. Harry Styles collided with an unknown object in Vienna, and Lotto responded to a similar project in Germany by saying, “Want the heartbeat of your song?”

Last Sunday in Las Vegas, Cardi B once again proved that she is not someone to tolerate small talk. During a performance at a club in Las Vegas, an audience member threw a drink at her when she removed her successful hit, “Bodak Yellow.” A second later, Cardi, seemingly a lifetime, immediately responded by tossing her microphone at the rude “fan.” The video shows security escorting the person out. After throwing a few colorful words at the culprit, Cardi seemingly exited the stage after the incident.

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