Clarence Thomas Got a Bowl Ring from Jerry Jones

The New York Times recently wrote an article about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. They reported that he had received a Super Bowl ring from Jerry Jones, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys. This story caught the attention of various sources and publications in Texas. However, now people close to Justice Thomas are asserting that the gift he received was a less expensive replica of the ring, not the genuine one. Mark Paoletta, who authored a book about Justice Thomas, expressed his hope that The New York Times would correct this error and apologize to Justice Thomas. He discussed this matter with Fox News Digital.

The article “Where Clarence Thomas Joined an Exclusive Group and Explored a Path to the Court” was published on July 9. It delved into Justice Thomas’s affiliation with the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, a group to which Jerry Jones, a well-known supporter of the Republican party, also belongs.

The original New York Times article stated that Jerry Jones had given Justice Thomas a Super Bowl ring. It also mentioned that Justice Thomas had visited the Cowboys’ training camp and had the opportunity to sit in the owner’s box during one of the team’s games in Washington. This is the account of events as presented in the article.

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