Trump’s Response to Christie’s ‘fat pig’ Remark

Former President Trump spoke on Tuesday about his geste at a crusade event in New Hampshire. He mentioned that he was careful in his response to a followership member who disrespected 2024 GOP seeker Chris Christie by calling him a” fat pig.”

Trump participated on the Truth Social platform,” moment in New Hampshire, and I handled the situation with Chris Christie in a veritably regardful way.” During a speech in front of a large followership of sympathizers, someone in the crowd yelled,’ Chris Christie is a fat gormandizer.’ instead of agreeing with the personality, which some speakers might have done, I responded by saying,’ No, No, he’s not a fat pig,'” he explained. ” I am confident Chris would appreciate how I defended him!” Trump proudly stated.

He addressed Trump directly” If you are stalwart enough, come to the debate and say it to my face.” In an unconcerned moment during the speech, the former chairman jokingly remarked about Christie,” He is eating right now. He is too busy to bother with this.” During the speech, Trump also requested,” Please refrain from using depreciatory language like’ fat gormandizer.’ It’s ungracious. Let’s be regardful – I am trying to keep effects civil,” he added.

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