Offensive Abuse of Authority by Trump: Republicans’ Reaction

Republicans have, on Tuesday, accused former President Trump of “misusing power in an inflammatory way” and rejected an attempt by Biden’s administration to deflect attention at the beginning of the week by providing testimony about Hunter Biden, Biden’s son.

Ellis Stefank, Chairwoman of the New York House Republican Conference, speaking on behalf of Trump’s attorney Jake Smith, said, “This individual indictment against Trump is yet another black mark on America because Joe Biden continues to weaponize his unjust Department of Justice against his political rival Donald J. Trump.”

“Just less than 24 hours ago, Congress heard testimony from Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner that Joe Biden was directly involved in his son’s business dealings over 20 times,” Stefank stated. “This directly contradicts Biden’s claim that he never discussed business with his son.”

“The shameful indictment against Donald Trump today is another frustrating attempt to divert attention from Biden’s family’s illicit influence-peddling scheme, which is directly implicated by mounting evidence, making it one of the largest political scandals in history.”

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